• Color coded for quick identification

  • Unique identification for sour gas unions

  • Some include elastomer seal depending on size, pressure rating and style

  • All materials used meet ASTM/AISI standards

  • All Unions provide pressure-tight & positive sealing for low-pressure services(1000 to 2000PSI)

  • the spherical surface male sub and angular surface female sub form a metal-to-metal seal, the ball and tangent provides a perfect seal

  • Range from 1” to 12” with cold working pressures from 1000PSI to 20000PSI 


  1. Other sizes and types, please contact us for details

  2. All end connections with NPT thread unless otherwise noted

  3. 5” FIG1003, 5” FIG1002 and all FIG2002 & 2202 are available in butt weld only

  4. 4” and 5” FIG1003, 5” and 6” FIG1002 are pressure rated at 7500PSI CWP and test pressure at 11250PSI for sour gas service they are rated at 5000PSI/CWP and 7500PSI/CWP test pressure